More Than Just a Whalewatch

Anyone who has seen a humpback whale and witnessed one of these animals in the wild is likely to enthusiastically share their experience. Many embark on their first whalewatch with high hopes and come back with a new appreciation for these fascinating creatures. Whalewatching is a very fun recreational activity, but it also has the potential to be an important venue for raising awareness of humpback whales and getting the public involved in protecting our oceans.

For over 35 years, Pacific Whale Foundation has been on the forefront of researching and developing an internationally recognized model of whalewatching. Our whalewatches create enjoyable educational experiences and challenge passengers to change how they relate to the ocean. People from all different backgrounds can come together and share the excitement of encountering a humpback whale in the wild, knowing that they are playing an important role in funding research and conservation efforts that are creating lasting impacts far beyond the whalewatch itself. As the demand for eco-tourism increases, so also does the potential for turning the industry into one that is constructive and sustainable.

As whalewatch season is well underway in Hervey Bay, we continue to witness the wide-eyed excitement of people seeing their first humpback whales within meters of our boat, Ocean Defender. We have engaged with passengers disturbed by a nearby entangled whale and shared the captivating moment of seeing a calf learning from its mother. When people go whalewatching with us, they get to learn from naturalists who are passionate about whales and creating healthier oceans. They get to engage with researchers who are conducting photo-identification studies, just one part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s rich history in humpback whale research in Australia. Our passengers become immersed in conversation with experts who gladly encourage them with ways that we can all make changes that create an enormous positive impact.

In Hervey Bay, Australia, our team proudly continues the legacy of Pacific Whale Foundation by engaging in opportunistic research and bringing the public into our mission through our unique approach to whalewatching. Passengers not only learn about humpback whales, but they experience them. Each person becomes a part of something bigger than themselves by joining us as we protect our oceans through science and advocacy, which is an opportunity that does not end when the whalewatch is over. Why not come join us and see for yourself!

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