Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast

Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of Australia, offering some of the most up close and personal humpback whale encounters found anywhere in the world. What makes watching whales in Hervey Bay so unique?

  • Hervey Bay provides a calm, protected area for thousands of migrating whales to rest, play and interact with other whales – and with whale watchers like you.
  • A large number of whales in a relatively small area means whale sightings are almost certain. In fact, we guarantee you will see whales or you’ll get a free return ticket good for up to one year.
  • The whales in Hervey Bay tend to be very inquisitive and active, displaying a wide range of amazing behaviours at the surface and below – including breaches, whale songs, and “muggings” (when a curious whale approaches and lingers at the boat).

Hervey Bay is more than a whale watching paradise, it’s also a dream destination for nature lovers.

Fraser Coast

The scenic Fraser Coast is home to Hervey Bay and a host of other natural treasures to explore. Ocean and outdoor adventure are available year round, including swimming, diving, sailing, water sports, fishing and hiking.

Nearby K’gari (Fraser Island, a listed World Heritage site), is the world’s largest sand island – featuring towering rainforests, freshwater lakes, and stunning sand cliffs. It’s also home to a wide variety of wildlife, including dolphins, dingoes and dugongs.

The Hervey Bay Esplanade and Great Sandy Straits Marina are vibrant cosmopolitan areas offering excellent restaurants and cafes, shops, parks, and other attractions. The region also offers a range of accommodations from which to choose.

In August, you can celebrate Hervey Bay’s marine environment and wildlife at the entertaining and eclectic Whale Festival. The calendar of fun and conservation-minded events includes a blessing of the whale watching fleet, scrumptious seafood festival, colourful parade, live concerts, VIP cruises, and more.

Hervey Bay / Fraser Coast is located in South East Queensland, about a three-hour drive north of Brisbane. Airlines running to Hervey Bay at this time are Qantaslink from Brisbane and Jetstar from Sydney.