Meet Our Team

Dr. Barry McGovern

Research Associate

Growing up on Ireland’s west coast and spending all his spare time on, in, or near the water, it was inevitable that Barry would end up working in the marine field!

He joined PWF Australia in 2021, having finished his PhD at the University of Queensland where he studied the social behaviour of bottlenose dolphins.

He leads the research team in Hervey Bay studying the health and ecology of the whales and dolphins in the bay.

Barry has covered a range of areas working all over the world and brings a lot of experience to the team.

Barry appreciates scientific research that can shape conservation measures and help guide management decisions and this is what attracted him to working with PWF.

“To me, it’s important that our research has a conservation goal, spending all of this time an effort to collect high quality data should benefit the species and this is a key goal of PWF”.

GREEN LIVING TIP: Recycling is great but should be one of the last measures you consider, reducing our overall use of plastics, single-use items, etc. and changing that mindset should come first.

Andrew Ellis

Board Member

With a life spent on the water, and a 30-year history of whale watching in Hervey Bay, Andrew brings incredible experience to the team.

“Nothing is more exciting than to see the expectations of our guests fulfilled each day on Ocean Defender. The excitement and passion shown by all aboard when they experience humpback whales up close and personal is a very special moment for me every day.”

Andrew’s passion for our marine environment is shown by his love of joining school students for discussions on how we can all make a difference by, ensuring harmony with our increasingly pressured natural environments.

Andrew hosts numerous conservation events, including Hervey Bay’s annual Paddle out for Whales event and beach clean-ups in the local community.

An accomplished public speaker, Andrew loves to talk with community groups about our marine environment and how we can all make a positive impact as individuals.

With a working lifetime spent on commercial vessels from square rigged sailing vessels to tourism vessels and just about everything in between, Andrew needs the smell of salt air and the joy of experiencing our ocean in everything he does.

Janelle Horrigan

Eco Tours Manager

Janelle joined PWF Eco-Adventures Australia in 2023.

As Eco-Tours Manager based in Hervey Bay, Janelle is responsible for managing all aspects of our eco-tour operations and supervision of the vessel staff.

She holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication/International Relations and Certificate III in Small Business Management.

She previously worked at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as Communications Manager for Strategic Policy and Planning, Rainbow Bay Nature Walks as Nature Guide and Manager, the Friends of the National Park Foundation in Indonesia as Public Relations and Digital Marketing Mentor for the Australian Volunteers International, and the Taphouse Hotel group as the Group Marketing Manager for destination tourism and events venues.

When she is not working, Janelle enjoys walking on the beach, swimming, photography, rock hounding and dancing.

Marilyn Hill

Retail Manager - Ocean Store

Marilyn joined PWF Eco-Adventures Australia in 2023. As Retail Manager, Marilyn is responsible for sourcing products and managing the day-to-day operations of the Ocean Store in Hervey Bay.

She is a seasoned retail professional with 29 years of experience in the industry.

Marilyn has honed her skills in leading teams, merchandising, product sourcing, and developing products while focusing on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Marilyn’s impressive track record of transforming underperforming businesses into successful ventures is a testament to her strong business acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence.

She is passionate about creating a positive impact in her community through her work and constantly strives to exceed expectations.

Marilyn leads a minimalistic lifestyle and has constructed her home using reused shipping containers and recycled materials.

When she is not working, she enjoys spending time on her hobby farm, exploring the ocean, and traveling with her growing family.